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Realtor License PA, is provided by PREC, allows you to perform a license lookup and license verification, located at 2601 N. 3rd Street, One Penn Center, Harrisburg in the state of Pennsylvania, phone number (717) 783-3658. Best hours to call Realtor License PA are between 09:00 am and 03:30 pm.

Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission responsible for issuing Realtor License PA, for regulating the real estate industry, issuing licenses to qualified individuals, enforcing ethical standards and regulations, protecting consumer interests, and facilitating dispute resolution.

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Realtor License PA Phone Number

What is Realtor License PA phone number?

Realtor License PA main phone number (PREC phone number) where you can call and speak to a real person regarding your Realtor License PA is (717) 783-3658.

Realtor License PA Lookup

Watch this video to learn more about Realtor License PA, how Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission issues licenses, the different activities, responsibilities and how to perform your Realtor License PA Lookup.

After you watched the video, you can perform your Realtor License PA Lookup by visiting the official Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission website by clicking here.

Realtor License PA Calling Hours

What are the best hours to call Realtor License PA and speak to a real person at Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission?

The best hours to call Realtor License PA and talk to a real person at Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission are between 09:00 am to 03:30 pm on weekdays. When calling, please listen first for the initial message played on the PREC phone system.

Realtor License PA Fax Number

What is Realtor License PA fax number?

Realtor License PA main fax number (PREC fax number) where you can send a fax message with documents, requests, search inquiries, and more regarding your license is (717) 787-0250.

Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission Website

You can visit the Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission official website for your Realtor License PA and other related matters by clicking here.

Realtor License PA Renewal

You can visit the Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission official website for your Realtor License PA renewal by clicking here.

In the state of Pennsylvania, you need to apply and get a license from Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission to ensure that professionals are regulated and meet the necessary qualifications and standards. In Pennsylvania the Pennsylvania oversees the different professions, ranging from healthcare and legal occupations to engineering and cosmetology. Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission set specific requirements that individuals must meet to obtain a license, which typically include completing the required education, passing exams, and fulfilling any relevant experience criteria. The licensing process aims to protect the public by ensuring that professionals possess the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their duties competently and ethically.
Once individuals obtain their professional licenses from Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission, they are required to renew them periodically. License renewal typically involves submitting an application, paying the renewal fees, and fulfilling any continuing education requirements set by the licensing board. Continuing education ensures that professionals stay up-to-updated with the latest advancements and maintain their competence in their respective fields. Moreover, Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission provides online verification systems that allow employers or potential employers, clients, or the general public to verify the status and validity of a professional license. These verification mechanisms help maintain transparency and ensure that individuals are practicing legally and in compliance with the Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission regulations. Overall, professional licenses serve as a means of ensuring public safety in Pennsylvania and maintaining the integrity of various professions nationwide.

Realtor License PA Address

What is the address for Realtor License PA?

The address where you can send official mail including letters, and documents regarding Realtor License PA is:

Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission
Street: 2601 N. 3rd Street, One Penn Center
City: Harrisburg
State: Pennsylvania
Zip: 17110

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